Novak Djokovic Drops Truth Bombs, ‘Pressure Is A Privilege’ Players Need To ‘Learn To Deal With It’

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If Simone Biles is looking for an ally amongst sports superstars, she’ll have to find someone other than tennis legend Novak Djokovic. The sports’ top-ranked player is accustomed to the pressure surrounding athletes who compete at the highest level. But rather than run from it, Djokovic welcomes the challenge, referring to pressure as “privilege”.

After Biles withdrew from the remaining individual all-around competition at the Olympics, mental health and pressure became a hot topic for other athletes involved with the Tokyo Games. One such competitor, Djokovic, embraces the pressure:

“Pressure is a privilege, my friend,” said Djokovic, per Yahoo Sports .“Without pressure there is no professional sport. If you are aiming to be at the top of the game you better start learning how to deal with pressure and how to cope with those moments — on the court but also off the court.”

Djokovic’s no stranger to pressure, but he’s not letting it stop him: “All that buzz and all that noise is the thing that, I can’t say I don’t see it or I don’t hear it, of course it’s there, but I’ve learned, I’ve developed the mechanism how to deal with it in such a way that it will not impose destruction to me,” Djokovic said via Yahoo Sports. It will not wear me down.”

Djokovic is slated to face Kei Nishikori in a men’s Olympic Quarterfinal on Thursday. With the chance to play for a gold medal on the line, it’s unlikely Djokovic will feel the pressure.

Written by Anthony Farris


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  1. I guess that explains why he’s seen as an asshole in the PGA and why he’ll never be as respected as Nadel and Federer … But hey, at least MAGA and the Very Fine People who hate America enough to root against Americans to cap for someone from the Czechs. Gotta love it #GetUrDoneVeryFinePeople

  2. Djokovic is right. Excelling in any field brings pressure, first from within. Winners *want* to excel, to be perfect, to never lose regardless of their profession. Losing sucks; winners hate to lose and will work harder after they lose. Above all, winners do not quit.

    It’s sad to see quitting being elevated to something noble. Losing can be noble if done with grace. But dropping out when adversity hits, that’s quitting, and quitters are not heroes. I feel bad for Ms. Biles on a personal level, but I refuse to call her some sort of hero. Like Roberto Duran, she quit. That’s on her and will be for the rest of her life. No mas!

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