Novak Djokovic Dominates Vaccine-Crazy Alex de Minaur, The Player Who Laughed When Djokovic Was Deported From Australia

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Based on his utter domination on the court, Novak Djokovic hadn’t forgotten about Alex de Minaur’s comments and actions from a year ago during all the drama and his eventual deportation from Australia.

The Serbian made quick work of the Aussie in their Round of 16 matchup in the Australian Open beating de Minaur 6-2, 6-1, 6-2.

De Minaur was one of the more outspoken and critical players a year ago when it came to Djokovic’s decision not to receive the COVID-19 vaccine.

“When you’re coming in [to Australia], as well as every other tennis player, if you wanted to come to the country, you had to be double vaccinated,” de Minaur said during last year’s Australian Open. “It was up to him, his choices, his judgment. Here we are.”

After a 10-day legal saga with the Australian government, Djokovic was eventually deported from the country last year ahead of the Aussie Open.

De Minaur was in the middle of a press conference when the news broke. When he was told the news he laughed.

Australian Open Fans Who Criticize Novak Djokovic Will Be Kicked Out
Novak Djokovic did not forget about Alex de Minaur’s ridiculous stance when it comes to the vaccine. (Photo by PATRICK HAMILTON/AFP /AFP via Getty Images)

Djokovic Unsurprisingly Gets The Last Laugh With de Minaur

He was most certainly not laughing during his postgame presser after being dominated by Djokovic, instead, he accused him of faking the hamstring injury he’s been battling throughout the tournament.

“I think everyone’s kind of seeing what’s been happening over the couple of weeks,’ de Minaur said, referring to Djokovic’s injury. “It’s the only thing everyone’s been talking about. Either I’m not a good enough tennis player to expose [the injury], or it looked good to me.”

“I just think, it’s very interesting. That’s all I’m going to say.”

To say de Minaur did not take his quick loss to Djokovic well would be an understatement.

Djokovic didn’t appreciate de Minaur accusing him of faking an injury.

“Only my injuries are questioned. When some other players are injured, then they are the victims, but when it is me, I am faking it. It is very interesting,” Djokovic said after being asked about his opponent’s accusations.

Maybe de Minaur learned his lesson that if you’re going to take a swing at arguably the greatest tennis player ever, you better not miss. Then again, he missed with his vaccine comments last year, paid the price, and then accused Djokovic of faking an injury, so he may be incapable of learning from his own mistakes.

Next up for Djokovic is a meeting with Russian Andrey Rublev in the quarterfinals on Wednesday.

Written by Mark Harris


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