Unsuspecting Referee Gets Bulldozed As Sad Notre Dame Fans Mourn $1.25 Million Upset Loss To Marshall

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The third game of the Marcus Freeman era did not go well in South Bend. Nor did it go well for one of the officials.

Entering the game at 0-1 after a season-opening loss to Ohio State, Notre Dame returned home to face Marshall on Saturday. Out of the gates, it was clear that it was going to be a battle.

It was 9-7 at halftime with the home team down by two. They briefly regained the lead early in the fourth quarter but gave it right back to the Thundering Herd.

Former Utah State and Texas Tech transfer quarterback Henry Colombi is in first year as the starter in West Virginia. He closed out an 11-play, 94-yard drive with the biggest touchdown pass of his career.

Not long thereafter, the Irish turned the ball back over and Marshall scored on a pick-six.

Notre Dame fans in attendance were distraught.

As was Freeman, who took over for Brian Kelly during the offseason.

In the end, Notre Dame lost to an unranked opponent at home and paid the team that won $1.25 million.

Notre Dame Sideline Not So Safe

They weren’t the only ones who were down bad. As was an official who got absolutely rocked.

As the Irish tried to come back during the final 15 minutes, quarterback Tyler Buchner scrambled toward the sideline for a first down. While getting out of bounds, he ran over the down judge.

The official never saw it coming.

It was a tough day to be in Indiana, unless you were visiting from The Mountain State.

As Could Ee Expected, Notre Dame Got Memed Into Oblivion.

Tough day to be a Golden Domer. Tough day to be a down judge.

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  1. Like Jusan Hamilton in NASCAR or Brian Flores in the NFL, “diversity hiring” rots any organization to it’s core, regardless of how much that type of corporate bigotry is hyped as a positive thing by mainstream media. Go woke, go broke. Now Notre Dame and the naive idiots who hired Freeman have to pay the price.

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