Notre Dame Lacrosse Taking Field With Bagpipers As Snow Falls On St. Patrick’s Day Creates Incredible Scene

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Notre Dame men’s lacrosse is the No. 1 team in the country at 6-0 after dismantling Michigan on Saturday. The Fighting Irish not only have the best team, but also the best tradition.

Now, for lacrosse fans, this is not new information. However, even for those familiar with Notre Dame’s pregame, video from St. Patrick’s Day weekend will still send chills down your spine.

The Irish traveled to Ann Arbor on Saturday and dropped 18 on the Wolverines.

Although the 10-goal win was an exclamation point on a dominant start to the season, the highlight had nothing to do with the score itself. It was all about the festivities surrounding the game.

As a cold front moved through the northern half of the midwest, big snowflakes started to fall right as Notre Dame took the field before the opening face off. And as is the case before every game, the bagpipers led the way.

Coupled with some of the most classic uniforms in lacrosse (and all of sports), it made for a badass scene— on the day after St. Patrick’s Day, no less!

The tradition began in 1996 when lacrosse teammates found out that one of their freshmen played bagpipes. Naturally, they asked him to lead the team onto the field with ‘Scotland The Brave’ before their first home game. And after sneaking the pipes into their team’s baggage, he did it before their first away game as well.

The Irish went on to win six straight games on the road that season and the tradition stuck. Now, each year, each piper gets to pick his replacement as it carries on into the present.

It has created an iconic scene for more than two decades.

Bagpipers Through the Years
Notre Dame Athletics
Bagpipers Through the Years
Notre Dame Athletics

Notre Dame’s tradition is not new, but it continues to stand the test of time. Especially when it takes place before an 18-8 win over Michigan, in the snow, on St. Patrick’s Day weekend.

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