Notre Dame AD Appears To Drop Major Hint About The Program’s Future

It doesn’t sound like Notre Dame is in a rush to join a conference.

Following USC and UCLA fleeing the PAC-12 for greener pastures in the Big Ten, there has been speculation about whether or not the Fighting Irish would join the B1G or a different conference.

Notre Dame coach Marcus Freeman. (Getty Images)

So far, there’s been little public movement on the issue. Now, ND athletic director Jack Swarbrick has hinted he doesn’t think change is necessary.

“I could argue that our independence has never been more valuable than it is right now,” Swarbrick explained to On3.

Swarbrick added, “There have been times when people thought giving it (independence) up was inevitable. I don’t get that sense right now.”

For anyone who needs Swarbrick’s comments translated, let me help. He’s letting people know the Fighting Irish aren’t going anywhere unless the dynamics shift a bit.

Will Notre Dame join a conference?
Notre Dame quarterback Tyler Buchner. (Getty Images)

What could cause the calculus to change? The easiest answer is money.

The Big Ten is on the verge of completing a historic media deal with Fox, CBS and NBC. The B1G will soon be flush with cash.

If there’s a lot more money to be made in the Big Ten than there is in remaining independent, that could get the wheels of progress turning.

However, it seems like Notre Dame is content for the time being. When will that change? Nobody other than Swarbrick and a few others probably know.

Written by David Hookstead

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