Notre Dame Cornerback Somehow Goes Wild With Lacrosse Stick As Football Team Gets Rowdy For Top-Ranked Fighting Irish

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Notre Dame football took school spirit to the next level on Saturday afternoon. Marcus Freeman’s team had just wrapped its spring football practice for the day and made its way over to Arlotta Family Lacrosse Stadium to watch their No. 1-ranked counterparts square off against No. 3 Virginia on a chilly, damp day in South Bend.

The players hadn’t even changed out of their pads, but that didn’t stop them from getting rowdy.

Notre Dame football went bonkers!

As the Fighting Irish trailed the Hoos by two to begin the second half, the football team arrived in mass. They made sure that the lacrosse team knew that they were there and never slowed down.

The pandemonium began less than two minutes into the third quarter when Notre Dame scored on a jump shot to cut the deficit to one. Over on the hill, it was pure chaos. The football team was jacked.

Not long thereafter, the Fighting Irish tied things up up at 7, which sent the football team into a frenzy. Cornerback Cam Hart somehow got his hands on a stick and waved it around like an absolute maniac.

He was excited, his teammates were exited, the lacrosse team was excitedβ€” everybody was excited!

The energy did not waver throughout the afternoon, but it wasn’t enough to propel the nation’s top-ranked team to victory. Virginia came out on top by a score of 15-10 and presumably earned the No. 1 ranking in the process.

Although the Notre Dame football team couldn’t lift the lacrosse team to victory, the Fighting Irish still have one of the coolest traditions in sports. And they won’t drop too far in the rankings, so it could be worse.

Freeman often shows up to support other programs on campus and it seems like he encouraged his team to do the same on Saturday. It couldn’t have been a greater success and helped to create an exhilarating atmosphere, so hopefully other coaches across the country take note!

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