North Carolina Becomes Latest State to Eye Reopening, Beginning June 1 (UPDATED)

CLARIFICATION — North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper said on Wednesday that he plans to lift all mandates on social distancing and gathering limits by June 1 if coronavirus metrics remain stable and residents continue to get vaccinated.

Further restrictions, including the statewide mask mandate, could be halted once two-thirds of North Carolina have gotten at least one COVID-19 vaccine, the AP reported.

Original story below:

North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper announced Wednesday the state hopes to lift mandatory social distancing, capacity and mass gathering restrictions by June 1.

“The more we encourage people to get their shots, the sooner we can put this pandemic in our rearview mirror,” Cooper said.

To date, North Carolina has administered over 6.5 million vaccines. 46.9% of adults are at least partially vaccinated, and 35.1% are fully vaccinated, the governor said in a press release. More than 76% of people 65 and older have had at least one shot. 

Teams like the Carolina Panthers and the North Carolina Tar Heels can have full capacity for their games this coming season if this becomes a reality, Pack Pride reports.

Full capacity stadiums may happen for many programs in the 2021 season with the COVID vaccine rollout.

“We are moving forward with plans to have a full stadium in the fall and will monitor medical guidelines as we have all along. #RollTide,” Alabama director of athletics Greg Byrne tweeted on March 1.

Pack Pride’s Nick Kosko reports that, during a meeting today regarding Owen Field stadium capacity this fall, University of Oklahoma President Joe Harroz said, “Our answer is right now we are planning going back to full capacity with safeguards in place.”

Clemson University President Jim Clements sent out an email to the Clemson community in March stating they planned for a full capacity this fall.

“We’re planning for a normal level of campus activity starting in the fall, including full capacity for Tigers football games,” he said.

“Texas AD Chris Del Conte responded to a user’s question on Twitter about the Longhorns’ plan for full capacity. Assuming the majority of the country is vaccinated by the end of the summer, Del Conte said that their plan is to have 100% capacity at Longhorns games,” Pack Pride reports.

Written by Megan Turner

Megan graduated from the University of Central Florida and writes and tweets about anything related to sports. She replies to comments she shouldn't reply to online and thinks the CFP Rankings are absolutely rigged. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram.


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  1. Do NOT laud this asshole as a hero. He will not be lifting restrictions. Every time he has said this in the past, he has found a reason not to. He is trying to threaten people into getting their shots of untested poison, and if the arbitrary number that is never disclosed is not enough, he will keep the restrictions in place.

    He will also be pushing private corporations to implement vaccine passports, meaning if you don’t get your fake vaccine, you can’t buy groceries and could lose your job.

    Fuck this guy with a long rusty pole.

  2. So this is how it will go…all of the states with conservative leadership and rational people will be open 100%. All of the blue states will more than likely remain partially closed/open for all of 2021. That is my 2 cents.

  3. This headline is massively misleading. Cooper has stated that only once the % of the population vaccinated passes 67%, will the state open. It is nowhere near that, and probably won’t get there. For reference, in NC, the % of 60+ who have had the shot is about 67%.

    Furthermore, he has stated that until the “vaccine” comes off of the EUA and gains full approval, all children under 16 must continue to be masked at all times, indefinitely.

    Megan, this one needs to be taken down, you are missing the facts here.

  4. First, he didn’t say he would open it up. He said he was hopeful. Not the same thing.

    Second, he’s a Democrat. He won’t open it up even though real data and science (not the corporate, liberal woke science that’s bullshit) says he should. Dems want to hold onto power.

    Third, move the UGA/Clemson game from Charlotte. Hit him where it hurts.

  5. Lmfao governments giving these ridiculous arbitrary dates for “reopening” shouldn’t be a good sign to anyone. Lmao we already let them get away with all of this….you do realize they will find another way to try and use this very same tactic all over again? This is the entire problem with the battle we are trying to fight we are so ignorant to how far down the slope we are trying to drag ourselves up. The day they were allowed to take this insane and ridiculous measures and we all just willingly accepted it under the guise of “safety” was the day we all lost and the day America really died. Lmao and sorry guys but the guy we hoped would win helped usher in ALL of it. He left it to the states but he should have INSISTED that nobody be dumb enough to lock everything down. We have cowards for politicians proclaiming to be principled men.

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