No Way LeBron Will Eat These NBA Bubble Meals During 48-Hour Quarantine

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LeBron James enjoyed one final Taco Tuesday last night as the Lakers prepare to fly to Orlando on Thursday to enter the Disney World bubble where other teams are getting acclimated to life inside the bubble and the food they’ll be served. Nuggets guard Troy Daniels posted what his Tuesday night appetizer looked like and I’m going to go out on a limb and say LeBron will not be eating the basic bubble meals.

Zero chance. No way Bron is picking watermelon slices out of a plastic container. Are you kidding me? I’d be interested to know the last time LeBron ate any fruit out of a plastic container. What about dinner out of a styrofoam container?

I have to believe there are chefs cooking for the league all-stars, chefs cooking for the starters and then chefs cooking for the scrubs at the end of the bench. Troy Daniels plays around 11 minutes per game. The NBA can’t be feeding him the same as LeBron. Zero chance.

The really good news for NBA guys is that this airline dinner setup is temporary, according to NBA Insider® Marc Stein. He says this is how it’ll be for 48 hours while players are quarantined. Once that period is over things will reportedly be different. However, Stein is locked in a back-and-forth with Donovan Mitchell over the situation. The food situation is definitely worth watching moving forward.

Chris Chiozza, a Brooklyn point guard who averages around 11 minutes per game, posted this meal that appears to be chicken or fish.

NBA bubble dinner

LeBron’s pre-bubble tacos:

LeBron tacos

Kyle Kuzma pre-bubble meal:

Kyle Kuzma pre-bubble dinner

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  1. NBA players are opting out of this ‘bubble’ in advance and will likely NOT take it seriously on the court, if they play at all.

    I predict a very bad version of the Harlem globe trotters.

    Bet there is very little defense played. O’ley dunks. Lots of air balls. LeBron acting like LeBron.

    And the minute someone coughs ? or sneezes, teams will run for the locker room like they saw a 10 lbs wasp or murder hornet ?

    Can we gamble on this working vs not working?

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