Nina Agdal Sues Dillon Danis Over Trolling: REPORT

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Nina Agdal is attempting to go on the offense against Dillon Danis after weeks of trolling.

Logan Paul’s fiancée has been the target of Danis‘ nonstop trolling ahead of an October 14 fight between the two men.

Things really escalated over the weekend when a sex tape appeared online showing a woman who appeared to resemble Agdal.

It was eventually debunked as someone else, but not before it spread like fire. Now, the star model is taking steps to get him to stop.

Nina Agdal reportedly sues Dillon Danis.

Documents obtained by TMZ Sports show she’s suing Danis over the “despicable” things he’s shared, and cited more than 250 examples. Agdal claims she’s “suffered humiliation, emotional distress, and reputational harm,” and at least one post violated state and federal law, according to TMZ.

The post in question was later deleted when it put the fight in jeopardy. Agdal also cited the video of her talking about desperately needing sex as something that crossed the line.

Nina Agdal sues Dillon Danis over trolling on X. (Photo by Stephane Cardinale – Corbis/Corbis via Getty Images)

Logan Paul’s future wife claimed the video came from her Snapchat archives “suggesting Danis had hacked [her] personal account or had obtained the private video from someone who had done so.”

Agdal is seeking at least $150,000 for the now-deleted post that she alleges violated the law, according to TMZ. Nina Agdal is also seeking a restraining order to control Danis’ behavior on X.

Dillon Danis doesn’t seem to care he’s being sued.

Danis tweeted late Wednesday afternoon that Agdal wants him in prison, but he won’t stop because “fuck the system.”

Danis also sent other tweets mocking Agdal for suing him. He’s sending the clear message he simply doesn’t care.

The fight between Logan Paul and Dillon Danis is a little more than a month away, and it appears the situation will only continue to escalate. Filing a lawsuit is certainly not going to cool tensions, but it probably will help sell a lot of PPVs October 14. Welcome to the fight game.

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