Leaked Viral Sex Tape Isn’t Of Nina Agdal As Dillon Danis/Logan Paul Feud Rages

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A viral sex tape that took X by storm isn’t of Nina Agdal.

Dillon Danis and Logan Paul have been feuding ahead of their October 14 fight, and the star model and Logan’s fiancée has become a prime target.

Danis has taken to X, formerly known as Twitter, to regularly share videos and images of Nina Agdal with other men, and while Logan Paul claims he doesn’t care, his reactions resemble what you often see in hostage videos. The man’s soul appears to be crushed.

Viral sex video escalated tensions between all sides.

Well, the situation spiraled out of control when a video surfaced on X that showed a woman resembling Agdal engaged in graphic sex acts with a man. I won’t link to or post the video here for obvious reasons, but it’s as graphic as graphic gets.

Debate was immediately sparked about whether or not the woman in the video was actually Agdal as many were claiming or someone who just looked unbelievably similar.

While Dillon Danis didn’t say one way or another, he appeared to acknowledge with a video of Logan outraged.

Well, it appears the video doesn’t show Agdal and is in fact a different woman. Let me repeat that. The woman in the video is NOT Nina Agdal, but a woman whose identity remains unknown.

“The widely circulated video appearing to show Nina Agdal giving another man oral sex is not Nina Agdal. This is confirmed when, later in the video, the woman is shown with two star tattoos on her neck, while Nina Agdal doesn’t have any tattoos on the back of her neck,” a community note added to a post about the video states, according to Gizmodo.

Nina Agdal is not the woman featured in a viral sex video that has been circulating X since the weekend. (Photo by John Shearer/Getty Images)

Nina Agdal sex tape debunked.

This is a great reminder that you shouldn’t ever believe everything you read or see online. The video in question has been all over X for days.

It’s almost impossible to spend a lot of time on the platform and not see it. I’m pretty sure it was trending as of a couple days ago, and upon first glance, it’s not hard to understand why people thought it was real.

The woman in the video, which I won’t share, shares a shocking resemblance, but it’s not her due to the tattoos, according to the community note shared on the content.

Nina Agdal has drawn serious fire as Logan Paul and Dillon Danis feud. (Photo by Ben Gabbe/Getty Images)

Always do a little research before believing shocking claims online. There are plenty of hoaxes and plenty of misinformation floating around. It appears many people were tricked before the truth could be figured out. However, you can bet the house tensions between Dillon Danis and Logan Paul continue to escalate going into the October 14 bout.

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