Nike Getting Blasted By US Soccer Fans For Awful US Soccer World Cup Uni’s

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Nike released designs for the new US Soccer Uni’s that the men’s team will sport in Qatar in the World Cup in November. Soccer fans in the US are notoriously loud about how they feel about everything surrounding US Soccer.

The reaction to these uniforms has generally been awful, and borders on brutal.

Flashy video, incredibly blah Nike uniforms. The white is as non-descript as you can get, and the tie-dye blue looks like a kid’s team design. The US Soccer fans had plenty to say about the early morning release.

Twitter is virtually unanimous in their contempt for these. Everything from the design to the swooshes on both sleeves are being hammered by the fans.

And look how it plays out on the women’s uni’s with the FIFA patch. Not sure who could be happy with this.

This looks like a marketing fail by Nike and US Soccer. We can only hope the US team can have a better reveal and performance in Qatar.

You can watch the entire World Cup on Fox starting November 20th, with the first USA game against Wales on November 21st.

Written by Bill Graff

Lifelong fan of all things sports and of common sense. I watch a lot of sports, just ask my wife. Go Terps. I've got soul, but I'm not a soldier.

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