Nightmare Fuel: Woman Gets Stuck On Cruise Ship Waterslide

“This is one of my nightmares,” Clay wrote on a text this afternoon that included a link to a woman getting stuck on a Norwegian Cruise Lines waterslide. Typically I wouldn’t include any of Clay’s commentary from a work text exchange, but I think in this instance it’s important to note how some of us are wired and what is cause for a full-on triggering.

In this video, we see an unidentified woman launching down a closed-tube, double loop slide that is supposed to simulate a rollercoaster ride.

The problems start when the woman doesn’t have enough speed to get over a corkscrew hump and is sent back down the slide where she’s stuck in a tough spot with the ocean below her.



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There’s good news. Norwegian Cruise Lines is prepared for riders not to make it over the looping hump.

“The lady was not stuck in the water slide for long,” YMG Travels, who uploaded the TikTok, explained to Fox News. “There is a side door for the slide and she was out of it immediately.”

“It was so quick,” the uploader added. “By the time I walked that way she was out and ready to do the slide again.”

According to video footage posted in 2020, riders are told, “If you don’t make it through the loop you can exit at the low part of the loop. If in doubt, wait for instructions from attendant.”

Ahh, but there’s a hatch to get out! An attendant is stationed at the hatch to let riders out who don’t make it up the looping slide:

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