Night Club Security Guard Body Slams Woman During Wild Fight In Parking Lot

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The Privat Social Club in San Antonio was the scene of a wild fight over the weekend. There were several women, some shoeless, scrapping in the parking lot after the nightclub closed. Security stepped in before police arrived and one of them body slammed a woman on the pavement.

A video of the incident surfaced on social media on Sunday afternoon and it has racked up million of views. It shows a group of people standing around a few women fighting on the pavement. A couple of other side fights breakoff from the group.

Security Guard Body Slam
Nightclub security guard body slams woman (Image Credit: Twitter)

There are a couple of security guards in the middle of the action trying to break things up. One woman can be seen knocking another woman to the ground as a security guard is trying to move her away from the action.

The security guard wasn’t happy with the woman’s move and picked her up and slammed her to the ground. Money goes flying all over the parking lot as the woman allows her soul to reenter her body. A couple of men confront the guard for his excessive use of force.

Meanwhile, there was hair pulling and punches being exchanged just feet away. Security stepped in after the two ladies wore themselves out. That was followed by a woman dragging another one across the parking lot by her hair.

Those two were separated briefly before the body slamming guard put an end to the madness with some pepper spray to the face. That appeared to be enough to calm the fighting down and the clip ends shortly after the pepper spray was deployed.

Two Security Guards At This Nightclub Might Not Be Enough

If you live in the area and missed out of this one there’s likely to be another incident this weekend. This upscale establishment has had the police called to the club more than 50 times since November.

The San Antonio Police was called to the scene of this fight, but it had ended by the time they arrived on the scene. They stated that a woman had been sprayed in the face with mace prior to their arrival and she was told to leave the area.

The police department released a statement saying that they were not involved in the incident. The statement says, “This did not involve SAPD – as they arrived after the incident.”

There was no mention of the woman who had her soul body slammed out of her. She was apparently able to make her way back home without any issues, as were the other hair pulling shoeless street fighting women.

They’ll all presumably heal up in time for the next nightclub parking lot fight that pops off.

Written by Sean Joseph

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