Nick Saban Flexes New $227,000 Ferrari By Parking With No Regard For The Lines

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Nick Saban is not letting anyone park anywhere near his new Ferrari. Can you blame him?

The 71-year-old head football coach at Alabama typically drives a Mercedes-Benz. He is a partial investor at the Mercedes dealership in Irondale, which is located about an hour away from Tuscaloosa, just outside of Birmingham.

However, in an effort to diversify his portfolio, Saban recently invested in Prancing Horse of Nashville, the only Ferrari dealership in Tennessee and one of the very few across the entire southeast. There is not a Ferrari dealer in the entire state of Alabama, so he had to branch out.

Along with his investment in the dealership, Saban also became the proud owner of a brand-new, 2023 Portofino M class. Whether you’re a car person or not, it’s not hard to appreciate their beauty.

The sticker price on Saban’s new luxury whip comes out to $227,050. Considering that he makes more than $9 million per year, it was no big deal. It was probably given to him with the investment.

That doesn’t mean that he wants anyone near his new set of wheels!

Tommy Brown, the aircraft mechanic for the university, recently shared photos of Saban’s Ferrari parked at the Tuscaloosa National Airport. He did not come anywhere close to parking in the proper spot. The entire left set of wheels were well over the line.

And it’s not like the person next to him forced Saban to park that way. The white pickup truck on his right is firmly in its spot.

Saban just doesn’t care. Nobody is going to scratch his brand new Ferrari.

Back in December, Saban took his recruits out for a drive in a Mercedes.

Will he start pulling up in his new Ferrari? It would certainly make for quite the entrance!

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