Mess With Nick Saban And Risk Being Hit With A Knockout Punch. Don’t Believe Me? Just Watch

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Nick Saban has never backed away from a war of words, but that doesn’t mean he can’t throw a non-verbal knockout punch as well. Yes, the Alabama coach has been working on his boxing technique, preparing for any and all competition.

We know Saban likes to sound-off on the latest issues around college football. And now, it looks like the head coach is also prepping for any coach that gets in his face. I’m certainly kidding, but thanks to Saban’s daughter, we now know what kind of punch the Alabama coach has.

In a father’s day tribute to her dad, Kristen Saban posted a video of her father throwing punches in a virtual reality game. Just as you would expect, it’s glorious.

“Since this deserves a permanent place on the grid, Happy Father’s Day to the GOAT and his mean right hook 👊🏼❤️ (pls don’t kill me for this, Dad. Love ya!),” Kristen Saban wrote on Instagram.

I can imagine the Alabama head coach has at least played the fishing game or bowling through virtual reality. If anything, this gives him the opportunity to take out some frustration on the folks who are disrespecting him. If I was another coach in college football, I’d think twice about trash talking Saban, especially seeing that right hook.

The good thing is that Saban can do more damage with his words, so he certainly doesn’t need to tune-up his boxing skills. But, at least he’s preparing.

There’s a pretty good chance that Nick Saban has already been involved in some kind of scuffle with another coach. It’s not as if all these guys get along everyday, especially back in the days of him working as an assistant in the NFL.

I sure wouldn’t want to cross Nick Saban now, especially with that jab.

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