Nick Saban Is Mad That The Media Thinks Alabama Will Be Great This Season

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Expectations for Alabama football are always as high as humanly possible. It’s national championship or bust this season for the Crimson Tide with QB Bryce Young returning for what will be a revenge tour for Bama after losing to Georgia in the national title game a year ago.

Something catastrophic would have to happen for Alabama not to play in the SEC Championship game and make the College Football Playoff this year. You know it, I know it, everyone knows it, including head coach Nick Saban.

Saban doesn’t have to like it, though.


In just his second news conference of fall camp, Saban is already talking about ‘rat poison’ without actually saying the words ‘rat poison.’

“It’s kind of interesting to me that I see articles every day that — you all have decided already what kind of team we’re going to have, what the expectations are for the team,” Saban explained.

“I think in some ways this creates a much more difficult challenge to have players be hungry, try to prove what they can do together as a group.”

This is an expected comment from Saban. It would be more of a shock to hear him say that he actually does have an elite team with the College Football Playoff already circled on the calendar.

That doesn’t make the situation any less comical. Saban is upset with the media for writing positive stories about his team that could be one of the best Bama teams we’ve seen in quite some time.

At the end of the day, he’s still coaching young men, many of them teenagers, and this is just Saban getting his squad locked in for a grueling SEC run.

Written by Mark Harris

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