Nick Saban Reveals He Only Learned How To Dance Out Of Necessity As Young Lad Growing Up In West Virginia

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Nick Saban doesn’t partake karaoke. He dances.

The 71-year-old head football coach at Alabama recognizes that he does not have the voice of an angel, so he stays away from the microphone. However, when a good beat comes on, it is hard for him to resist.

Nick Saban busting a move on the sideline. Kinda. Not really.
(Photo by Joe Robbins/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

Saban has been known to cut a rug in his day and often breaks out his smooth moves during recruiting visits. When a five-star linebacker and his family ask you to get up and dance, you dance!

Although the Cupid Shuffle is his best dance, Saban has also been known to Wobble from time to time.

There is a reason that Saban has such good rhythm. It’s not because he was born with it. It’s because he had to learn out of necessity as a child.

Marty Smith and Ryan McGee asked the greatest college football coach of all-time about his go-to karaoke song on Tuesday. Saban made it abundantly clear that singing is not his forte.

Rather, he prefers to dance.

Saban grew up in Fairmont, West Virginia in the 1950s and 60s— which is a town of around 18,000 today. It is located about 20 miles south of Morgantown.

Fairmont, West Virginia in 1945 — Nick Saban was born in 1952
(Image courtesy: West Virginia & Regional History Center at West Virginia University)

He said that there were three things to do in his town as a kid:

  • Go to the river, with plenty of bridges from which to jump.
  • See a movie at the one movie theater.
    • “It showed the same movie for a month.”
  • Attend the dance at the fire department on every other Saturday.

That was it.

The third of three things is where Saban learned how to tear up the dance floor.

If you couldn’t dance, you couldn’t get a date! So, I mean, I learned early that this is the way of the world. Not singing— dancing.

— Nick Saban on Marty & McGee

And there we have it!

Saban learned how to shake a leg out of necessity. He wanted a date so he had to learn how to dance.

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