Nick Saban Addresses Crimson Tide NIL Program, ‘The Advantage’

Alabama head coach Nick Saban isn’t sure anyone knows exactly how the new name, image, and likeness rules will impact or affect programs but said he’s “all for the players.”

Alabama Athletics announced The Advantage, a comprehensive program that will provide Crimson Tide student-athletes with the education and tools necessary to build and elevate their personal brands, earlier this week.

The program will focus on brand management, maximizing personal social media platforms and financial literacy, but Saban said he’s not sure what the parameters and rules of name, image and likeliness as a whole look like.

“Look, I’m all for the players,” Saban said, per 247Sports. “My biggest concern is how do we manage this? How do we police it? How do we make sure that it’s fair for everybody?”

He said he thinks the NCAA has always tried to always keep a level playing field for everyone and hopes these new rules will offer a chance for “everyone…to create some value for themselves and their brand.”

Saban added that he hopes they won’t create advantages for anyone along the way.

Written by Megan Turner

Megan graduated from the University of Central Florida and writes and tweets about anything related to sports. She replies to comments she shouldn't reply to online and thinks the CFP Rankings are absolutely rigged. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram.


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  1. I’m sure Deep Snappers … Nickel Backs … and back-up Punters can’t wait to get all their endorsements.

    I still maintain that IF the “student-athletes” were getting legitimate “educations” in exchange for their athletic efforts the barter would be “fair” … but “eligibility majors” are worthless.

    • Exactly and how does this benefit all of the College Baseball players and other athletes who are expected to meet that exact same academic bar without receiving any of these additional benefits??? Lmfao you think there will be any incentive for those guys to go and try and play in college when they can’t get any of these kickbacks this is going to destroy every other sport besides football and basketball and in those sports it will just further concentrate the balance of power.

  2. In all fairness there are a ton of worthless degrees out there even at the “Ivy League” schools. Most of them are no more than socialist indoctrination’s camps anyway. they are not teaching kids to critically think anymore. Not sure any degree is a fair barter. It’s certainly not worth $70K a year, that’s for sure.

    • Colleges in general not offering “legitimate education” applicable in “the real world” is a whole other issue.

      Hellfire … I’d be OK if Power 5 programs offered GED+ programs specifically for “dumb jocks” to at least get them to 12th grade reading comprehension and other basic Life Skills. … OR … have cooperative exchanges with area Community Colleges offering “a trade school education” while the Power 5 “student-athlete” was auditioning for the NFL / NBA. …. Under the current hypocrisy, the student-athletes” (??) gets nothing of value but room and board while “in college”.

      • You are an absolute fool they get access to tutors, top of the line health and recovery services, a top flight facility to hang out and study, professors who will let them slide on everything, and the best dorms on campus. Lmfao they are already treated like royalty the day they set foot on campus.

  3. Oh yeah I’m sure Slick Nick absolutely LOVES this proposal all he sees is an even easier pathway to hoarding more recruits with his endless donor money and publicity in being able to promote these guy’s NIL. What an absolute goon phony this fool is and people like Clay are at the same time promoting a playoff expansion while acting in complete awe of this clown who is furiously against it at every point and turn. Fuck everything about where NCAAF is headed with all of this shit. The FCS has had a 16+ team playoff for a decade plus and now top programs are putting out top talent at a very high rate. It’s much more enjoyable to watch that especially when the corruption of recruiting is far less prescient at that level.

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