TV Host Oddly Claims Nick Kyrgios Kiss With Girlfriend At Wimbledon Was Staged Amid Assault Allegations

Nick Kyrgios doesn’t appear to be letting the assault allegations he’s facing get to him as he prepares for his semifinal match against Rafael Nadal at Wimbledon. One Australian TV host, however, thinks Kyrgios is putting on an act, and they aren’t buying it.

Kyrgios was spotted kissing and holding hands with his girlfriend Costeen Hatzi prior to his win over Christian Garin on Wednesday. TV host Tony Jones didn’t necessarily like what he saw and is claiming that the whole thing is just a stunt while Kyrgios faces assault charges from his ex-girlfriend.

“This is uncharted waters for him, as well of course,” Jones said. “So he arrived at the practice courts. Look, you can see it was stage-managed if you want to be completely cynical about it. He was hand in hand with his girlfriend. He couldn’t have been more charming to everyone around him, getting selfies.”

Jones also pointed out that Kyrgios certainly wasn’t trying to hide from any cameras, which isn’t a surprise for anyone that’s followed the Aussie’s career for more than 30 seconds. Whether it’s intentional or not, the spotlight always tends to find Kyrgios.

“Instead of getting to the furthest practice court, he wanted one closest to the cameras. He gave his girlfriend a kiss, and you thought, ‘OK, he’s in a pretty good frame of mind,’” Jones said.

Less than 24 hours prior to his quarterfinal win over Garin, the news broke that Kyrgios had been charged with assaulting his ex-girlfriend Chiara Passari. The two split up last October after an argument in which the police got involved at an Adelaide hotel.

When first asked about the charges Kyrgios offered up one brief, very bizarre comment, stating “I feel like I’m in ‘The Last Dance,'” before cracking a smile.

Kyrgios is due to appear in court back in Australia on August 2 and could face two years in prison if found guilty.

Written by Mark Harris

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