Nick Kyrgios Is A ‘Massive Conspiracy Theory Guy,’ Questions Who Built The Egyptian Pyramids, Moon Landing

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Tennis star Nick Kyrgios says anything and everything that comes to his mind. He doesn’t care what others think, and depending on who you ask, that’s either his biggest flaw or his best quality.

While the 27-year-old typically creates headlines with his entertaining antics on the tennis court or criticisms of the media; his admission of being a “massive conspiracy theory guy” has the sports world talking now.


The Australian recently joined Logan Paul’s podcast ‘Impaulsive‘ and started sharing his thoughts about some of the most popular conspiracy theories out there.

Paul asked Kyrgios if he believes the Earth is flat to which he responded “I don’t even know what to believe anymore,” which put the wheels in motion.

One of the podcast’s co-hosts admitted that they didn’t believe the moon landing was real, and Kyrgios didn’t exactly disagree with his take.

“America weren’t apparently even close to having anything successfully going up in a rocket,” Kyrgios said.

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Nick Kyrgios, currently ranked 19th in the world, is a massive conspiracy theory guy. (Photo by Julian Finney/Getty Images)

While Kyrgios was on the fence about the moon landing and the shape of the Earth, he was much more passionate about the Egyptian pyramids not being built by human beings.

His tell? The size of the doors.

“I don’t think the pyramids are man-made…” he said. “The doors are massive, and we don’t really need doors that big as humans.” 

Kyrgios recently underwent left knee surgery that forced him to miss the 2023 Australian Open. With plenty of time off as of late we need to get a hold of his YouTube search history to see what type of conspiracy rabbit holes he’s been diving in.

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