Nice: Every College Football Team Is Bowl Eligible in 2020

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One thing you can set your watch to as the year approaches the holidays is a lot of people taking shots at the surplus of bowl games, as though it’s a bad thing to have football on television at all hours of the day for a few weeks.

If you were concerned about the fact that conferences are playing different amounts of games and that even schedules within conferences might produce an uneven amount of games between rivals due to so many game cancellations, we’ve got good news for you from an NCAA announcement:

The Division I Football Oversight Committee recommended waiving the requirements for bowl eligibility for the 2020-21 bowl season Thursday.

Given that some conferences outside the Power Five are not going to return and play football this fall, this news probably doesn’t mean that there are going to be *more* bowl games this winter than in past years. However, it is a decent indicator that there won’t be dramatically fewer.

Discussion topic: What is your most favorite random bowl game? I’ll never forget the Cheez-It bowl a couple years ago where the whole Internet rose as one to celebrate the art of sloppy football.

Written by Ryan Glasspiegel

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