NHL Sportscaster Shannon Hogan’s Penis Necklace Goes Viral

Yes, it’s OK to laugh about New York Islanders sportscaster Shannon Hogan’s penis necklace.

Hogan, who handles pregame desk duties during Islanders broadcasts, caught the Internet’s attention this week when she debuted a piece of jewelry that her mother gave to her as a gift.

“Now we are both cracking up,” Hogan said of the shaft and ball design hanging around her neck. “Hope ya had a good giggle haha,” she added.

Penis necklace NHL reporter Shannon Hogan
New York Islanders reporter Shannon Hogan says she “reevaluated” her jewelry after a penis necklace debacle. / Twitter / Instagram

By Wednesday morning, Hogan said it was time to reevaluate the jewelry she wears on live TV.

“Just to be safe, I’m sticking with this for the rest of the season – some really funny memes last night you guys. Thanks for the giggles,” the breakout star wrote.

So let’s take a look at these memes from Hogan’s huge moment in the spotlight.

Remember, you’re allowed to laugh. Everyone relax. It’s funny. Smile for once.

The penis necklace brings back memories from 2016 when the penis jacket started showing up on Australian TV. Then, out of nowhere, the penis jacket made its comeback during a 2019 Australian newscast when Samantha Heathwood wore the same jacket.

The penis jacket was actually invented in Australia by designer Scanlan Theodore.

Australia news penis jacket
Australian news anchor Samantha Heathwood shows off her penis jacket during a 2019 broadcast. / Twitter

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