NHL Player Bo Horvat Appears To Pay Fan For Making Him Lose A Bet

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A lot of fans would love it if an athlete personally paid them for ruining their bet, and it seems like Vancouver Canucks captain Bo Horvat may have done just that.

Horvat and the struggling Canucks were hosting the Nashville Predators. With the score tied after regulation and 3-on-3, the game went to everyone’s (least) favorite way of deciding a winner, a shootout.

Matt Duchene scored for the Predators, which meant that Horvat had to score to keep the game going.

He not only failed to score, but he also had an absolute lowlight reel-caliber shootout attempt.

Horvat took his sweet time entering the zone then lost the handle on the puck, handing Juuse Saros the easiest shootout win of his life and the Predators a 4-3 win.

Tough break for Bo Horvat; a tougher break for the guy who must have bet the Canucks moneyline.

An Instagram user hit up Horvat after the game.

Despite the poorly written comment riddled with errors, Horvat responded by asking for the user’s info.

Not sure if he came through or not, but it wouldn’t be shocking if he really did pony up the $91.50 (though unclear if that is US or Canadian. Substantial difference).

Now that’s an NHL captain. He made a mistake and took it on the chin. That’s not even a loss that can even be pinned on him.

Sure, he overskated the puck, but why didn’t the two previous Canucks shooters hit the back of the net?

There’s no way this becomes the norm in the sports betting world, but I think I speak for anyone who has lost money due to some freak error in saying, I wish it was.

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