EJ Hradek Plays Victim As Twitter Users Continue To Demand Apology For Provorov Comment

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NHL Network analyst EJ Hradek — like so many on the left — sure doesn’t seem to like the idea of being held accountable for their double standards.

The analyst has yet to offer a mea culpa for his comments on Philadelphia Flyers defenseman Ivan Provorov’s decision not to wear one of the team’s Pride Night jerseys for warm-ups.

That choice — which Provorov said was made to stay true to himself and his Orthodox Russian religion — led to Hradek saying he could “get on a plane” and suggested he “get involved” in the conflict in Ukraine.

Hradek chose not to apologize on the following day’s edition of NHL Now! despite numerous calls from fans, something that he and so many other woke media members seem to see as “harassment.”

He’s well within his right to not apologize, but it’s hard to overlook the idea that a groveling apology wouldn’t have been item No. 1 on the following show had Hradek run afoul of any folks with left-wing sensibilities.

Viewers are still in Hradek’s replies with even the most benign tweets becoming an avalanche of apology demands.

Twitter Users Hounded Hradek For An Apology

For instance, Hradek commented on a tweet about the number of games recently fired Vancouver Canucks coach Bruce Boudreau had spent behind the bench.

Technically, that’s correct. That is an impressive number.

Still, the replies had more to do with Hradek’s lack of remorse in demanding a foreign-born player leave the country based on his religious beliefs and that he should go join a vicious armed conflict.

Don’t think for a second that those demands for an apology have fallen on deaf ears.

Again, no one has to issue an apology for anything, ever. However, the least people can expect is for those apologies to be issued evenly regardless of who is “offended” or why.

A quick peek in the ol’ “Likes” tab seems that Hradek, unsurprisingly sides with a lot of his fellow woke media members.

Hradek liked a tweet from hockey writer Sara Civian. If that name rings a bell, she’s a big fan of OutKick founder Clay Travis.

Let’s overlook the fact that scaring people into silence is a play out of the far-left playbook as well — it honestly is for any extreme ideology. The great irony is that at least in Hradek’s case, most of the people in his replies weren’t trying to silence him. The opposite. They were mad that he clammed up over his inflammatory remarks.

To that point, Hradek doesn’t even really owe viewers an apology. The person he owes one to is Ivan Provorov.

Perhaps he has reached out privately. If not, the lack of remorse on that front, sure speaks volumes.

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Written by Matt Reigle

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