Zach Wilson's Hot Mom Won't Take Money To Delete Her Account

New York Jets quarterback Zach Wilson is not the biggest fan of his mother's social media celebrity status. So much so that Wilson even offered to pay his mom to permanently delete her accounts.

Mother and influencer Lisa Wilson has been garnering followers for her lifestyle tips, cooking how-to's and general cool/hot mom energy. When asked to delete her Instagram, Mama Wilson turned down the offer with some assurance that she's here to stay ... and post.

"He says ‘Mom you don’t embarrass me but I can’t stand these people treating my mom like crap,’ said the social media matriarch, pushing back against haters eager to see her account go away.

Lisa Wilson has seen both fans and trolls flood the comments section on her posts — adding to the growing anxiety from the former BYU quarterback after being tasked with fixing the Jets offense.

Most notable from Mrs. Wilson’s time as an online celebrity is the video released regarding Disneyland's mask mandates, where Wilson's "anti-mask sentiments" led outlets to pick up her comments as a story about COVID misinformation. The media's attention led Mrs. Wilson go private on her IG account shortly after.

“I want to make it clear that I did wear my mask PROPERLY all day!” said Wilson in her statement regarding the video. “I didn’t get reprimanded even once! I am very respectful. But it is miserable being at the ‘happiest place on earth’ with police walking around yelling at people for taking a drink of water. It’s outside, it’s hot and a lady in front of us passed out in line."

Entering the Jets after an incredible run at BYU, Zach Wilson may not have the money to convince his mom to leave social media until he reaches Mahomes-level contract numbers.

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