Washington Commanders Fan Forced To Watch Game With Towel On Head Because Of Possible Toilet Water Leak

FedEx Field is believed to have leaked sewage onto fans once before and it may have happened again on Sunday. It is unclear as to what kind of liquid was leaking in Washington, but it completely ruined one Commanders fan's experience.

Last year, in late September, a burst pipe at FedEx Field leaked all over the fans below. The organization was adamant that it was not sewage, but the fans claimed otherwise.

Two months later, it seemingly happened again. At the very least, urine and feces or not, there was a clear issue with leaks throughout the stadium.

And sure enough, the problem continued into 2022.

The worst stadium in the NFL had yet another leaky pipe during Week 1. Fortunately, it was in the concourse, so it didn't hinder the fan experience all too much.

The same cannot be said about Sunday.

ANOTHER leak at FedEx Field totally ruined a fan's day.

Here is a look at the significant drip during pregame. It was landing directly on where someone would be sitting come kickoff.

To the surprise of absolutely nobody, Washington did not solve the problem before the game got underway. Some poor fan, who paid the same price as everyone else to sit in his seat, got dripped on by the leak throughout the entire afternoon.

Things were so bad that he had to place a towel over his head to protect him from getting drenched.

Now, to reiterate, we do not know the contents of the leak. However, if sewage may have leaked upon fans at FedEx Field before, how do we know it was not the same on Sunday? We don't. That poor guy could have been trying to watch the Commanders while toilet water dripped on his noggin.

First and foremost, sewage or not, Washington should get right with the fan. His ticket should be comped and he should be invited back on the team's dime for a luxury experience.

From there, Washington should... fix the leaks.