Washington Commanders Are So Desperate For A Solid Quarterback That They Want Chad Henne?!

Forget about Aaron Rodgers or Lamar Jackson. What about the great Chad Henne!

New reports are coming out that at least one NFL team reportedly is saying the heck with trying to find a new NFL quarterback via the quarterback draft class this year and instead targeting proven veteran Chad Steven Henne. He also happens to be retired.

Although Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes was the real reason the Chiefs were able to even get to the Super Bowl this year, Henne did have his 'shining moment.'

During the AFC Divisional Round of the playoffs, Mahomes went down with an ankle injury against the Jaguars. It looked very bad. Mahomes was grimacing and viewers across the country immediately regretted betting the Chiefs to win the game.

But then came Henne.

Henne was able to lead the Chiefs to a touchdown drive that would eventually help them defeat the Jaguars by, you guessed it, a touchdown.

Mahomes would later return to the game but without Henne, maybe we would have had a Jaguars-Eagles Super Bowl (which the Eagles would have definitely won). Henne retired after the Chiefs won the Super Bowl.

However, apparently that one decisive drive in such an unexpected, highest of pressure moments was enough for at least one NFL team to reach out to Chad Henne. That team?

The Washington Commanders.


It's not surprising that the Commanders would reportedly look towards Chad Henne, but it does show just how desperate the league's quarterback situation is.

To be fair, the Commanders are in a tough situation right now. Last season's starting quarterback Taylor Heinicke just signed with the Atlanta Falcons, leaving Washington in the hands of Sam Howell to lead them to victory.

To be honest, this kind of fits the mold for Washington.

They have had a TON of quarterbacks in recent years. Remember RGIII? Colt McCoy? Kyle Allen? Rex Grossman? I just remembered they had Donovan McNabb. And how about Jason Campbell?!

Maybe Sam Howell is the answer for them. A fifth-round draft pick, Howell appeared in only one game last year with Washington, but it did lead to an upset victory over the Cowboys. He completed 11 of 19 passes for 169 yards with one touchdown and one interception.

If the Commanders are reaching out to retired quarterbacks like Henne, what other choice do they really have?