Two Words to Sum Up Each Week 3 NFL Game

As we said after the first two Sundays of the NFL season, life can be succinctly summarized in two words. And so can NFL games.

Here are two words to describe each Week 3 game:

Panthers 24, Texans 9

Dominant defense.

Bills 43, Football Team 21

AFC favorites.

Browns 26, Bears 6

Fire Nagy.

Raven 19, Lions 17

Lions: robbed.

Titans 25, Colts 16

Rivers available?

Chargers 30, Chiefs 24

Mediocre Chiefs.

Saints 28, Patriots 13

Angry Bill.

Falcons 17, Giants 14

So gross.

Bengals 24, Steelers 10

Broken Ben.

Cardinals 31, Jaguars 19

Cool colors.

Broncos 26, Jets 0

Playoff Broncos.

Raiders 31, Dolphins 28

(Daniel) Carlson Tonight.

Rams 34, Bucs 24

Stafford's time.

Vikings 30, Seahawks 17

Bad teams?

Packers 30, 49ers 28

Cover Davante.

Two words to sum up Week 3

Referee embarrassment.

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