Twitter Lashes Out At Coach Tony Dungy, Gov. Ron DeSantis For Tackling Pro-Father Legislation

Florida governor Ron DeSantis has set out to make his state a haven for parenthood and families.

Acknowledging that one of America's greatest failures has been the dramatic increase in fatherless homes, DeSantis gathered on Monday alongside delighted Floridians and his two daughters to sign the "Responsible Fatherhood Initiative."

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, "19.5 million children, more than 1 in 4, live without a father in the home."

The bill grants $70 million in funding to foster youth and struggling fathers. It aims to fortify resources for the Department of Children and Families and intends to help more fathers involve themselves in their children's lives.

In his speech, Gov. DeSantis stood firm in holding absentee fathers accountable but also extended a helping hand to create better homes and families in Florida.

"This isn’t going to solve everything, but it’s going to help," DeSantis said. "You’re not a man by leaving your kids out to dry. You need to be there."

Rather than celebrate the easy W, Twitter lashed out at DeSantis, continuing the outrage from their hyperbolic "Don't Say Gay" allegations.

Former NFL coach Tony Dungy also took some hits for supporting the pro-father initiative with DeSantis.

In his speech, Dungy thanked DeSantis for helping craft a playbook to tackle the issue of fatherless homes.

Dungy said, "I asked , how do those young boys (19, 20, 21) get ? And he told me it's not socio-economic, it's not racial, it's not education, it's none of that. 95% of these boys did not grow up with their dad."

Twitter accused Dungy of attacking children and the LGBT community over his association with the governor.

"Tony Dungy revealed his true self a few years ago when he said he wouldn't want an openly gay player on his team," a left-wing news account tweeted in response to the footage. "So of course he's appearing alongside anti-LGBT extremist Ron DeSantis. When people tell you who they are, believe them the first time."

User Shana V. Wright added, "FYI: Tony Dungy has been anti-Black, homophobic and into respectability politics since forever. Would not be surprised if he was a member of the GOP. That's why he's hanging with DeSantis. Same goes for Mike Tirico. Stop being surprised."

Others were left shocked by the baseless attacks against Dungy and DeSantis.

"Black men in America make up about 6% of the US population, but black males make up half of the prison population in this country," commented @miles_commodore. "A HUGE reason for this is the lack of fathers in the black community. Tony Dungy and Ron DeSantis should be applauded today in Florida."

Former NFL tight end George Wrighster III echoed that sentiment:

"People coming for Tony Dungy for standing with FL Gov. Ron DeSantis after signing a Fatherhood initiative are what’s wrong with America. Novel concept. People are neither all good or all bad. Maybe a Gov you don’t like did a good thing. Let That Sink In."

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