Tom Brady, Bucs Agree to Extension

As fun as Tom Brady's retirement speculation is for the other 31 starting QBs, Bill Belichick, Max Kellerman, Peyton Manning, Roger Goodell, and the race-baiting USA Today reporter — it may have to wait until after the 2022 season now.

Friday, Brady and the Bucs agreed to a contract extension that locks Brady into Tampa through the 2022 season.

At some point, yes, Brady will look over 40 in the face and on the field, but stop guessing when that's going to happen. All previous guesses have been embarrassingly wrong.

In case one forgot, Brady just won another Super Bowl, his 7th, beating Drew Brees, Aaron Rodgers, and Patrick Mahomes along the way.

Furthermore, tell me why Brady and the Bucs won't win another Super Bowl over the next two seasons? Brady took a team that missed the playoffs a season ago to a blowout Super Bowl win during a pandemic, learning a new coach and system on the fly. The first year was supposed to be the hardest.

Right now, which team is better?

I know, at some point, the NFL will be fair again when Brady is gone — so keep waiting.

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