Bill O’Reilly Obliterates Reporter Who Tries to Race-Bait Tom Brady

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This week, a shameful USA Today “sports” reporter tried to race-bait Tom Brady with inaccuracies and hypotheticals. Brady handled it well, but Bill O’Reilly didn’t let her off so easily. Out of nowhere, he obliterated her on The No Spin News.

You will enjoy this:

“USA Today is a newspaper that will not be in business much longer,” O’Reilly begins. “It’s run by the Gannett chain, which is a left-wing organization. At one time, USA Today was one of the most influential newspapers in the country. It is now barely hanging on because it went so far left that traditional Americans, they’re not going to read this anymore.

“Now, I can read Mr. Brady’s mind. He goes, ‘That’s one of the dumbest questions that I have ever heard in my life, and it was asked just to provoke.’ I mean, can you imagine a woman saying — and I don’t know whether Shannon Sharpe, he is a former football player on TV — I don’t know whether he said that black athletes aren’t given as much room to weigh in on political topics. Does the name LeBron James mean anything? How about Colin Kaepernick? I mean, it’s just absurd in the extreme, and the only reason that Mr. Brady was put in that position is because he had a hat in his locker, a MAGA hat signed by President Trump.”

It gets better. Ever wonder what would happen if O’Reilly had been in Brady’s chair?

“If it were me, you know what I would have done? ‘Are you kidding me, lady? With that question?’ And then I would have explained what it was designed to do, embarrass Brady, and how fallacious it was. Black athletes don’t have a forum for political views? I mean, you know, do you live in Burma? Come on. But I wanted to bring that to your attention because the world of sports should be apolitical. Now, ESPN has destroyed, Disney has allowed ESPN to destroy the most powerful franchise, sports franchise, in the world by being political. It’s destroyed.”

Much like the radical San Francisco school teacher who wrote this week in the San Francisco Chronicle that Bernie Sanders wearing a big coat and mittens is an example of extreme “white male privilege,” this USA Today reporter is injecting race into a story to make headlines and create job security. As we know, the way to grow your brand in sports media is by convincing decision-makers you are so woke that, upon hiring you, the company is shielded from all criticism.

By the way, how great would it be if this reporter went on the No Spin News with O’Reilly?

Written by Bobby Burack

Bobby Burack covers media, politics, and sports at OutKick.


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  1. Welp – NFL network just had Obama all over the TV talkin about ‘change’ and the ‘Pepsi’ logo and slogan. Yep – Pepsi Licensed ‘Stronger Together’ to the Democrats. or Obama Licensed the name and slogan to Pepsi.

    Hard to tell, but i still use Pepsi and Coke as a solvent to remove stains from … sidewalks and siding 😏

    • That’s pretty good. But T-Mobile was one of the companies to drop ads from Tucker Carlson Tonight because he didn’t have nice things to say about BLM. Then again, AT&T owns CNN and all the other carriers are probably woke too so you can’t really vote with your dollars here anyway lol..

  2. Lebron James hit the campaign trail for a misogynist politician who just banned women’s sports (make no mistake about it: forcing women’s sports leagues to accept men is a ban on women’s sports), and his career has been completely unaffected. Tom Brady, meanwhile, is getting harassed because he had a hat in his locker five years ago.

    To say black athletes have no leeway to make political statements is just absurd.

  3. When the blm movement went nuts on the George Floyd death all the white sports talking heads had to genuflect and take it up the rear from all of the black talking wizards. Skip bayless would have given sharpe a bj on air if he was asked to. It would gave been hilarious if not so sad. Everything and I mean everything is political. So sad. Can’t listen to these morons anymore and don’t watch games anymore. Finding life much more enjoyable.

  4. Absurd to say that black athletes don’t have a voice. This victimhood has got to stop. Sure there are problems in this world, but talk about those real problems and stop leaving the “playing field.” When Shannon and others do that, they are taking the focus off those genuine problems and exchanging them for click bait, power, and money from the woke crowd who don’t know any better. They’re trying to tear down others to get ahead instead of building themselves up by addressing genuine issues. Sad

  5. Sadly, tomorrow will be another day and we will again have a similar race-baiting story coming out of somewhere where we will have to say how ludicrous and wrong it is while all the while feeling that we are yelling into a vacuum because the socialist left does not care what we think and knows they have enough wokeness going on their side to probably just laugh it off. Yeah, I’m kinda depressed by it all.

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