Those Brothers Look Alike: CBS Reporter Botches Bosa’s Name

Had she not been a sideline reporter, CBS Sports’ Tracy Wolfson would’ve made one hell of a butcher. During Sunday afternoon’s 49ers-Cowboys game, Wolfson twice botched the name of San Francisco superstar Nick Bosa.

To be fair, Wolfson didn’t slaughter Bosa’s first name, she merely confused it with the name of his older brother, Joey, a defensive end for the Chargers. Not exactly an egregious error.

Not only are the Bosa brothers similar in size: they also wear the same number (97), play the same position (defensive end) and star on California teams.

As the third quarter was about to kickoff, Wolfson gave a report on Nick Bosa’s injury.

“Well, Jim, Kyle Shanahan (was) extremely pleased with that first half,” said Wolfson during the broadcast. “His biggest concern right now is edge rusher Joey Bosa (who) remains in the locker room.”

Strike one for Wolfson, who clearly meant to drop Nick’s name rather than older brother Joey.

Nick Bosa, by the way, didn’t return to the game. He suffered a concussion in the first half of San Francisco’s 23-17 win. Wolfson confirmed Nick Bosa’s injury and second-half absence with another slip of the tongue, again calling Nick Bosa “Joey” when confirming he was out for the game.

Strike two.

Wolfson’s error had Big J journalists scrambling to tweet out her mistakes.

“The fact that CBS sideline reporter Tracy Wolfson keeps referring to 49er Nick Bosa as ‘Joey Bosa’ twice now is inexcusable!” tweeted Mark Demsky.

How dare she! I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s handed her walking paper before lunchtime today.

However, much to the chagrin of Twitter critics, Wolfson eventually handed in her butcher’s apron and proved that the third time is indeed the charm, correctly identifying the Bosa brother who lines up for San Francisco.

“The offense started fast, and the defense, without Nick Bosa and Fred Warner down the stretch, (were) able to hold them off,” Wolfson added in a post-game interview with Niners QB Jimmy Garoppolo.

Oh, brother.


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