Taylor Heinicke Uses Big Bonus Check To Buy Fresh Pair Of Jordans That Directly Correlate To Win Over Packers

Taylor Heinicke was never supposed to be the starter in Washington, but now that he is, the former undrafted free agent is using his bonus money in a really unique way. He's buying custom shoes.

But not just any shoes— Jordan Brand sneakers that directly correlate to wins.

Heinicke, who began his career in Minnesota in 2015 after playing his college ball at Old Dominion, also spent time with New England, Houston and Carolina. However, following the 2018 season, nobody picked him up.

He joined the XFL as a result and absolutely balled for Saint Louis, which earned him another shot in the NFL. The Commanders signed Heinicke in 2020 as a backup and signed him to a largely incentive-based contract.

A year later, in 2021, he was thrust into the starting role and played exceptionally well. Washington is terrible, but Heinicke managed to lead his team to a 7-10 record with a win over Tom Brady and Tampa Bay. His legend was cemented in that moment.

Despite the surprising success (relative), the Commanders chose to look elsewhere and brought in Carson Wentz. While doing so, they resigned Heinicke as the backup.

Well, sure enough, Wentz got hurt in Week 6 and was placed on IR after finger surgery. It was Heinicke time and his first start of the year was a doozy — it came against Aaron Rodgers and the Packers.

Although the odds appeared stacked against him, the 29-year-old quarterback went 20-of-33 for 201 yards and two touchdowns in a 23-21 win. He did more than enough to get the job done and pocketed $125,000 in the process.

What does Taylor Heinicke do with his bonus money?

With the way that Heinicke's contract is structured, he receives a bonus every time that he plays at least 60% of offensive snaps. That was the case Sunday and will continue to be the case, God willing, through the rest of that season.

Heinicke is a big sneaker guy. In turn, he uses some of his paychecks to get himself some new kicks. But only when Washington wins.

"Every time we get the win, when I'm in the training room the next day I always buy myself a pair of ," Heinicke said on Sunday.

To make things even cooler, the Jordan Brand sneakers that he buys have a specific color scheme. They always correlate to the team that he beat.

"Tomorrow I'll probably buy myself green and yellow Js," he said after beating the Packers.

And sure enough, that's exactly what he did. Heinicke shared a picture of his new shoes and, as expected, they are green and yellow.

Heinicke has a chance to earn up to $1.5 million in bonus money this year. However, as previously stated, the Commanders are terrible. Unless he works some magic over the next 10 games, Henicke may not get to buy too many shoes.