Seahawks Player Joins Play From Sideline, Throws Block, Nobody Notices

Derek Carr opened Sunday's game against the Seahawks with an interception, and Seattle players were PUMPED.

Some fellas couldn't contain their excitement, understandably so. Take LB Darrell Taylor, for instance, who threw a couple nasty blocks during the return. Good stuff from a great teammate.

There was one problem, though ...

Our man Darrell didn't actually start the play on the field!

Darrell Taylor joins Raiders-Seahawks play from sideline

Amazing. I don't know that I've loved one single play more from this entire football season.

Taylor is just standing there, watching the first play of the game, getting settled in ... and then BAM, interception and our man sprints onto the scene to hang with the boys.

He even threw one kinda-sorta block along the way to make it look like he belonged.

He's sort of like that kid in the group project who does NOTHING, but then shows up at the end, says like two things during the presentation and somehow gets an A.

Incredible stuff, and the best part is nobody noticed. It's really a smart play if you think about it, because you just blend right in.

No chance refs are looking for this, either. They have so much going on you could easily slip onto the field and just act like you belong.

Anyway, Carr and the Raiders got the laugh laugh when Josh Jacobs scored on a bazillion-yard TD run in overtime, but - in my mind at least - this day belonged to Darrell Taylor.

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