Rams WR Van Jefferson Selects Perfect Name For Newborn Son

Van Jefferson accomplished more in six hours than some do in a lifetime. Minutes after winning the Super Bowl with his Rams teammates, Jefferson and his kids rushed to the hospital for the birth of his son. On Monday, Jefferson revealed the newborn’s name – Champ. How appropriate.

“It wasn’t always picked,” Jefferson said as a guest on The Adam Schefter Podcast. “We were really thinking about Wynn and Miles, but then it was like, 'I think it’s very fitting to name him Champ.'”

Jefferson, who found out his wife was in labor while in the midst of the confetti-filled Super Bowl celebration, told Schefter that his son’s name is as much an ode to his wife as it is to Los Angeles’ win.

“We just looked it up and Champ is like a warrior. And my wife is a warrior. What she did that whole game and what she did throughout the whole week of the Super Bowl, the week of Super Bowl being so crazy, he’s a champ and she’s a warrior, so Champ Curtis Jefferson. That’s the name we got.”

Though Jefferson finished the Super Bowl with a fairly routine four catches for 23 yards, his Super Sunday proved to be anything but ordinary.

“I don’t think anything will be able to top this, for sure,” Jefferson added.

Good thing they won, because baby boy Loser doesn’t quite roll off the tongue.


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