Rams On-Field Protester Has Filed Police Report

The activist who jumped onto Levi Stadium's field during Monday's Rams- 49ers game has filed a police report.

We've all seen the video by now - the "fan" ignites a flare then runs onto the field and near the Rams sideline. But only for a few seconds. That's because he was soon flattened by Los Angeles linebacker Bobby Wagner

And now, the protester is crying about it. TMZ reports that a police report relating to the incident has been filed.

This is why we can't have nice things.

Check that, this is what's wrong with the country right now.

When somebody breaks the law, intentionally does something wrong and is then allowed to file a police report and possibly SUE someone else, that is when you know we are in a bizarro world.


It's clear that Rams linebackers Bobby Wagner (with an assist from Takkarist McKinley) tackled the activist to stop him from running and possibly causing harm or injury to the players, staff, or literally anyone else around.

After the game, Wagner said that he intervened because of safety issues.

"You don't know what that fan got or what they're doing," Wagner said to reporters.

And he's exactly right.

This clearly wasn't a drunk fan running around trying to get some laughs. This protester snuck a flare thru Levi Stadium security, had a makeshift shirt on and his intentions were clear.

He was going to disrupt the game and possibly do something worse.

And now he wants to be rewarded through our legal system!


Bobby Wagner wasn't acting as some sort of vigilante. He literally stepped in to help security when they lost control of a situation.

Who knows what this fan would have done with this flare.

What happens if he threw it at a player? Or if he had any other weapons on him? The players don't know that at the time. And this lowlife brat is going to file a police report?

Hopefully the San Francisco judge tosses this case out immediately, because it is not warranted.


TMZ Sports says that a spokesperson for the DirectActionEverywhere animal rights organization, of which the fan was protesting for, confirmed the fan filed a police report to the Santa Clara Police Department yesterday.

They claim that the fan was "blatantly assaulted," as well as suffered a burn bruise.

WELL GUESS WHAT. WHERE DID THOSE BURN BRUISES COME FROM? The protester himself illegally bringing flares onto a field during a damn football game!

The fan himself was detained, released and given a citation. So pretty much nothing will happen to him.

We can't live in a society where people are allowed to break the law, and then when they are subdued, end up filling police reports and suing people. That kind of mentality is reckless.

Once we reward the lawbreakers - possibly with even financial gain if there is some sort of settlement, then that will only encourage similar behavior.

It's asinine and absolutely crazy.

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