Pro Bowl Games 'Highlights': Myles Garrett Injury, Diggs on Diggs Crime, Jalen Ramsey Lays The BOOM on Tyreek Hill

The NFL listened to fans who said the Pro Bowl is a joke. And by listen, I mean the NFL decided to make it a BIGGER joke.

This season, the NFL introduced the "Pro Bowl Games." Instead of a watered-down football game with no real defense or tackling, the league decided to go with an actual flag football game.

Plus, they added "mini games" like a kicking contest, dodgeball match, "best catch" competition, among other things.

I'm not going to sugarcoat it: the Pro Bowl Games sucked. The flag football game(s) were a joke, and it was boring. The whole point was to increase excitement, but I can't imagine enjoying that. If you did, good for you.

Clearly, you enjoy the little things in life much more than I do.

That all being said, I collected some of the "best" moments from the event. Why? Because I had to watch it, so now you do, too.

Myles Garrett dislocates toe at Pro Bowl Games

Oh, the irony. Part of the reason the NFL ditched the Pro Bowl was to limit the opportunity for injury. Yet, Cleveland Browns star defender Myles Garrett managed to hurt himself anyway.

It's unclear when Garrett suffered the injury, but he competed in something called "Gridiron Gauntlet" and looked a little ginger after the event.

Thankfully, Garrett seems to have avoided a more serious injury.

Trevon Diggs intercepts brother Stefon

The AFC attemtped some trickery during the flag football game and let wide receiver Stefon Diggs throw a pass. For Stefon, it couldn't have gone worse. Trevon Diggs, his brother, snagged the pass.

Brother picks off brother! What drama!

I'm trying here, guys, cut me some slack.

Jalen Ramsey lays biggest Pro Bowl hit since the late, great Sean Taylor

No one makes big hits at the Pro Bowl, and that's part of the problem. It's football! We want big hits! The late Sean Taylor understood what the fans wanted and delivered the greatest Pro Bowl hit of all time back in 2006.

Since then, the Pro Bowl has turned into a glorified flag football game. But somehow, when the NFL actually decided to go with a flag football game, we got one of the biggest Pro Bowl hits in years courtesy of Rams cornerback Jalen Ramsey.

But just like a real NFL football game, Ramsey drew a personal foul penalty for the hit.

Each event had a set score that it was worth with the THREE flag football games accounting for six points each. The NFC won 35-33.

Kudos to the NFL for trying something new.

But, as the kids say, "This ain't it."