Pilates Instructor Is Furious With Alleged Steelers Player For Being A Low Down Dirty Dog With '10 Side Girls'

Los Angeles-based Pilates instructor Jen Woodward is making headlines this week for going off on a football player -- said to be from the Pittsburgh Steelers -- for being a straight-up low-down dirty dog who kept in contact with 10 other side pieces while having a long-term girlfriend.

Jen fired up TikTok where she went off on the unnamed player. "When you hook up w/talk to a NFL player for FUN but then find out hes a master manipulator who has a 3 year relationship and 10 side girls," Jen said on TikTok.

"So you tell his girlfriend (who had no idea) she dumps him, and he gets injured all in the same day. Yeah, I destroyed his life all in one day and I'll do it again."


There are a couple of things that need to be addressed here. First, Jen has to be a rookie in the world of dabbling with NFL players. She is a complete emotional mess and gives off the vibe that she doesn't understand how the "10 side pieces" thing works for athletes.

See, Jen, these guys have side pieces in all sorts of different cities, who are always on-call whenever the team rolls into town. If they're lucky enough, they get a 'u up?' text at, like, midnight with instructions on how to get past NFL COVID security.

Jen made the mistake of thinking the athlete cared about her. This is a horrible mistake made by side piece rookies. I've heard from side piece pros on this subject. Rookie side pieces that get emotionally involved aren't going to last in the business. Jen isn't made for these side piece streets.

"So what I have in my phone right now are screenshots of him texting me his address, him ordering me Ubers — I have all the receipts," Jen said of her relationship. "I have him telling me he’s coming down from his apartment to come get me in the lobby. I have us making it very clear that I’m going to see him."

Second, the player's girlfriend isn't dumping him. Are you kidding? That's what girlfriends say they're going to do. Then they send out some emotional IGs, followers tell them to pray and "this shall pass." A week later, they're posting an IG story from a football stadium.

Now, let's get to which member of the Steelers this could be. All of this went down on November 27, so let's go back to an injury report from Thanksgiving.

Here it is. Take a guess which guy it is:

Thursday, November 26

JuJu Smith-Schuster was hurt in that game when he stepped on a ref's flag.

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