PFF Makes Surprising Call On Titans' Worst Draft Pick Since 2006

Pro Football Focus recently did a piece breaking down the worst draft picks for all 32 NFL teams since 2006. After 15 years, there's enough of a selection to make that determination safely, but I'm not sure that I agree with all of their picks.

Sure, JaMarcus Russell for the Raiders, Josh Rosen for the Cardinals, Mitch Trubisky for the Bears and Paxton Lynch for the Broncos all make sense. So do some non-quarterbacks picks, such as Bjoern Werner for the Colts, Dion Jordan for the Dolphins and Greg Robinson for the Rams.

I'm not sure there's an argument to be made with any of those. But there's at least one I didn't agree with after looking over the list: PFF's pick for the Tennessee Titans. They chose former quarterback Jake Locker, the No. 8 overall pick in 2011.

In some ways, it makes sense, I guess.

The Washington product was a top-10 selection who never turned into the franchise signal-caller the Titans were hoping he'd become. But he was still with the team for four seasons, and he had some promising moments. Injuries just took away his passion for football, and that's something Tennessee couldn't have predicted.

Here is the breakdown of why PFF selected Locker:

Yeah, that was a rough pick. No one is denying that, but the worst? Uh, I vote for the guy who was selected in the first-round of the 2020 NFL Draft. You know, the mammoth offensive tackle out of Georgia who was taken No. 29 overall and played only four snaps with the franchise before being traded due to off-the-field problems.

This same guy showed up late for a physical and his first orientation. He also skipped workouts he had promised to attend and didn't even make it a month with the Titans before they decided to release him. Yeah, I'm going with that guy -- Isaiah Wilson.

And if I had to ask OutKick founder Clay Travis, I'm guessing he would agree with me. Why? Because Clay thinks Wilson might be the biggest bust in NFL history, not just for the Tennessee Titans -- and rightfully so.

Was Jake Locker a bust? Sure, but he was not Tennessee's worst draft pick since 2006. Shame on PFF.

I'd also question making Justin Gilbert the pick for the Cleveland Browns instead of former Alabama running back Trent Richardson. Maybe PFF went with Gilbert because the Browns recouped most of what they lost with Richardson when they traded him, allowing him to reach "bust" status with the Colts instead.

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