Isaiah Wilson Axed By Dolphins After More Questionable Antics

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Offensive tackle Isaiah Wilson may be the Tennessee Titans’ worst draft pick ever. And if not the absolute worst … well, he’s way up there. At least, that seems to be the opinion of some after the Miami Dolphins waived the offensive tackle, just three days after acquiring him in a trade.

Per the Miami Herald, Wilson rejected the Dolphins’ attempts to help him “get his life on track” and instead continued “behavior that caused the Tennessee Titans to give up on him less than a year after drafting him in the first round.”

The Herald added that Wilson showed up late for his first physical with the Dolphins, as well as his first orientation. He then “skipped two optional workouts that he had committed to attend,” the Herald reported, citing a source.

It didn’t get any better from there for the No. 29 overall draft pick in 2020.

“On Friday, a series of videos were posted on Wilson’s Instagram account of what appeared to be Wilson inhaling a vape and dancing shirtless on a car,” the Herald reported, “but the Dolphins would have cut him even if those had not appeared, the source added.”

While with the Titans, Wilson was arrested on DUI charges and, in a separate incident, attempted to jump off a second-story balcony to evade arrest. He instead received a trespassing warning.

He played appeared for just three snaps in Tennessee.

The Titans will still own the Dolphins’ seventh-round pick in the upcoming draft, and the Dolphins will indeed the Titans’ seventh-round pick in 2022, as part of the Wilson trade.

Let’s just hope he can pull it together for his own sake.

Written by Sam Amico

Sam Amico spent 15 years covering the NBA for Sports Illustrated, FOX Sports and, along with a few other spots, and currently runs his own basketball website on the side,


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    • Agreed. Something clearly seems off with this guy. He can’t be this stupid without some underlying problems. It’s like Johnny Manziel and Ryan Leaf all over again. Alcohol and weed can make people lazy as fuck.

  1. Hey Sam,
    Maybe he can become a traveling magician – The Amazing Vapo – maybe the NFL will pay him to travel to camps this pre-season. He can amaze the players with his skills.
    He made an $11.5MIL 4-yr rookie contract disappear in the blink of an eye.

    $ 6MIL signing bonus div. by 4 yrs = $ 1.5MIL (approx) for 2020
    $ 430,000 base salary for 2020
    Lets round that total up to $ 2MIL total for 2020
    Oh…our Uncle Sam takes at least 20%…(Accounting svcs $$ ??)
    His agent gets minimum 3% and is paid during the contract, so
    Let’s DEDUCT $ 400,000 (IRS) + $ 60,000 (agent2020) = $ 460,000 “POOF”
    Starting Line —– $ 11.5 MIL deal
    Finish Line ——– $ 2MIL – 460K = $ 1.54MIL

    NFL flack traveling with I.Wilson: “There we have it young studs and old studs alike, you’ve just seen The Amazing Vapo turn $11.5 million into $1.5 million in a flash of apple pie vape smoke!!! And that $1.5 mil that he thinks he has hidden somewhere in a bank account or a sock drawer…well, he spent that as soon as he got the paychecks. New car, jewelry, apt. rent, accounting services, nightlife, friends and fam, did I mention nightlife?
    Vapo is already trying to get out of the $600/month lease on his new car…you know, the one he’s driving in his Instagram post with the girlfriend.
    Word to the wise, men…take the road less travelled.

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