Panthers Legacy Player Tackles Robbie Anderson For 'Temper Tantrum'

Panthers wide receiver Robbie Anderson turned into a "me" player on Sunday. The former Jets WR couldn't find production on the field, so he got in receivers coach Joe Dailey's face, prompting interim head coach Steve Wilks to boot Anderson from the game.

Anderson cried his way into getting booted and eventually got traded out of Carolina, which rubbed some Panthers legacy players the wrong way.

Real-time audiences compared Anderson's mid-game breakdown to Antonio Brown's final game with the Buccaneers.


Speaking on Anderson's sideline tantrum was beloved Panthers RB Jonathan Stewart. The team's all-time leading rusher appeared for a podcast interview on Monday, where he stomped on Anderson for "not getting his way."

"Yesterday we saw Robbie Anderson throw a temper tantrum because he wasn't getting his way," Stewart said."

Grow Up, Robbie Anderson

The retired rusher made salient points about patience and identity for struggling players.

"You're really showcasing to the entire world who you are when things don't go well," Stewart added. "It's one thing if you're out there making catches and you're out there having 100-yard games and you're frustrated on the sideline that you're not getting the ball."

Anderson was lucky enough to garner attention from the WR-needy Arizona Cardinals, who traded for the troubled wideout a day after his tantrum.

"For the young guys: keep your mouth shut and play," Stewart noted in the interview. "Roll with the punches; that's part of the game; it's part of the growth; it's part of the opportunity for growth. When your time comes, you make the most of it. .. When you are on national television, you do not act like that."

Anderson gave one last bit of sage advice to Anderson.

"Robbie, count your blessings because you'd be out of a job right now."

Hopefully Anderson can make the most out of another crumbling team in the Cardinals.

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