Outspoken Cole Beasley Logs Off Twitter

Cole Beasley's Twitter account has sadly gone the way of other past loves. Like Clear Pepsi, Total Request Live and Doritos Locos Taco before it -- Cole Beasley Twitter is gone. On Sunday, the Bills wide receiver confirmed the sad news that he's not just refraining from tweeting, he has actually deactivated his account. Beasley had recently used the social platform to oppose vaccine mandates and push back against the NFL.

Following Buffalo's 26-11 win over Miami, Beasley told reporters that he's "going to stay off (Twitter)."

Beasley deleted his account after beating the Chiefs in Week Five, and he seems content to stay away from the little blue bird.

"It's good for me to get back to where I wanted to be, and it's not on there," said Beasley. "The real world is out here and not there. Most people say things on there that you don't want to hear. And it's definitely a weight lifted, and I feel like I did the right thing."

Throughout the summer and early fall, Beasley used his account to draw attention to the NFL's ridiculous COVID protocols and to support fans who refused to get vaccinated. He even offered to buy an unvaxxed fan and his 10-year-old daughter tickets to a Bills away game since Highmark Stadium (where Buffalo plays its home games) requires proof of vaccination to attend games.

"If you find an away game you are able to go to then I will buy the tickets for you guys. DM me names and every thing snd I’ll figure out the best way to make it happen. Wish she could witness the mafia! ," tweeted Beasley in mid-September.

Beasley, 32, wasn't always a staple on social media, but the events of the past year and a half left him feeling more inclined to speak up.

"When I first got here, I got away from (tweeting), and then things happen," Beasley said on Sunday. "And the issues that we have at hand, and I just felt like I needed to take responsibility for the guys that couldn't."

Beasley's thumbs appear set on giving the timeline a rest, but Buffalo fans and freedom lovers everywhere should take heart. If the McDonald's McRib has taught us anything, it's that a return is always possible -- especially when you least expect it.


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