Olivia Culpo Makes Huge Sacrifice To Catch Christian McCaffrey's Return

It was a big weekend for loyal NFL girlfriends who were willing to make huge sacrifices to see their partners strap on the pads and battle it out. In Kansas City, Jordan Love's girlfriend Ronika Stone sat in the very last row of Arrowhead Stadium's upper deck to see her guy make his NFL debut.

In Charlotte, Christian McCaffrey's girlfriend Olivia Culpo was in the stands to see the running back make his return to the lineup for the first time since Week 3 when he suffered a hamstring injury. Culpo, who had spent the week working in Doha, Qatar, wrote on Instagram that she spent 24 hours traveling to get back to Charlotte in time to see McCaffrey face the Patriots, which ended in a 24-6 loss.

"From plane to game," Miss Universe 2012 wrote Monday on Instagram.

“24 hour travel day later,” she added on Instagram Story. “These boots are made for walking …. A lot lol.”

McCaffrey ended the game with 14 carries and 52 yards on the ground and four receptions and 54 yards in the passing game.

Sunday's game was the first time Culpo had made an appearance at a Panthers game since her Sept. 12 showdown with her sister at the Jets-Panthers game. Olivia's sister, Sophia, dates Jets wide receiver Braxton Berrios.

Things got heated that Sunday when Olivia told her sister to "Kiss my ass" while in an elevator on the way to the stadium.

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