NFL Ref Jerome Boger Retired Today So The Internet Revisited His Worst Calls, Of Which There Were Many

NFL referee Jerome Boger is hanging up his whistle after 19 seasons in the league, and the internet is sad.

Just kidding! Boger, along with three others refs, announced Thursday they were officially done, and NFL Twitter celebrated in the only reasonable way: by tweeting out all of his terrible calls!

It's the little things in life, you know? Sometimes, I hate society. And sometimes, we all band together and trash a retiring NFL referee who gave nearly two decades of his life to the league.

What a world.

All right. Let's dive in! Personally, I'd like to get us started with this absolute tongue-lashing from former Titans lineman Taylor Lewan after a game.

Buckle up.

Jerome Boger once got suspended for being awful

What anger! I don't know when this is from, but it appears the Titans still won despite Jerome Boger being terrible? Taylor Lewan is such a psycho. Gonna miss him in Tennessee.

Anyway, some backstory before we get to some other clips.

OutKick's Dan Zaksheske took a blowtorch to Boger earlier this year after one of his terrible roughing the passer calls, so I'd suggest brushing up on your Jerome Boger history here.

That being said, here's a taste of just how bad this cat truly was.

Boger and his crew worked the Bengals-Raiders AFC Wild Card game last season. Controversial calls marred the contest throughout.

There was this disaster of a call that allowed the Bengals to score a touchdown. How bad was the officiating? Boger and his crew were BENCHED for the remainder of the postseason.

Unbelievably bad, but now we can all laugh about it! That's the beauty of retirement.

Anyway, back to NFL Twitter, which followed Dan's lead and eviscerated poor Jerome on his way out.

Happy retirement, big guy! Thanks for all you did. I guess.

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