NFL, ESPN Edit 'God And Jesus' Out Of Quote From Trevon Diggs' 5-Year-Old Son

It's been a rough training camp for Trevon Diggs. To help the Dallas Cowboys cornerback deal with the negative media attention, Diggs brought his 5-year-old son, Aaiden, to his press conference on Monday.

Aaiden delivered a message that almost everyone can get behind: "I love the whole world, I love God and Jesus and I love my family." That message was shared by the Dallas Cowboys' official Twitter page:

However, apparently the NFL isn't "everyone." The league's official Twitter account also shared the video of the young Diggs, which included the line about "God" and "Jesus" but they decided to edit his quote in the tweet:

The NFL's tweet put a period at the end of "whole world" as though that was the end of his quote, though it clearly was not. We went looking to see who else had shared the video with a quote, and if anyone else of note wrote it in this particular manner.

Every reporter that we found printed Aaiden's quote in its entirety, including USA Today reporter Jori Epstein:

Dallas Morning News reporter Michael Gehlken:

NBC 5 in Dallas' Noah Bullard:

It seems that every major outlet that shared the video felt that Diggs' entire quote was notable enough to include in the tweet above the video.

Except ESPN:

OutKick reached out to both the NFL and ESPN for comment. As of this posting, neither has responded to our inquiry.

Had they ended their quotes with ellipses, it would have at least implied that Aaiden had more to say. However, by putting a period on the end of his sentence, people might interpret that was the end of his quote.

And, for those who might be wondering: both tweets had more than enough remaining characters to share the quote in the entirety, making it look like an overt editorial decision.

There were also a few outlets who simply posted the video without using any quotes. But, as far as we could tell, only the NFL and ESPN chose to share part of Diggs' quote. It is notable where they elected to draw the line.

It's too bad that the focus of the story has to be this instead of the brilliant PR move by father Trevon Diggs. The Cowboys cornerback, who led the NFL with 11 interceptions last season, has been getting absolutely torched in practice.

It's been so bad that Diggs deactivated his Twitter account because of the abuse he was taking from fans.

Bringing his adorable 5-year-old son up to the podium helped to take some of the pressure off dad, as we all focus on the real hero of the story, Aaiden. Smart move, Trevon.

Not so smart, NFL and ESPN.

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