Mic'd Up Marlon Humphrey Hilariously Mocks Tyreek Hill's Chaotic Running Style, Explains Why He's So Difficult To Cover

Tyreek Hill is one of the best wide receivers in the NFL and is incredibly difficult to cover. Ravens defensive back Marlon Humphrey has a hilarious explanation for why that is.

Humphrey was on the losing end of an impressive comeback win by the Dolphins on Sunday. He was part of a secondary that allowed 'Cheetah' to pop off for 190 yards and two scores on 11 catches.

At one point, after Hill found the end zone for the second time, Humphrey was talking about the former Kansas City pass-catcher to his teammates on the sideline. Humphrey was wearing a microphone, so we are able to be privy to the conversation.

Humphrey said that he is continuously baffled with how Hill can move the way that he does. He said that the hardest receivers to guard are those who "don't run natural."

The cornerback, who is an Alabama product, then proceeded to explain what he meant. To do so, he mimicked Hill's running style—saying that he "runs with a limp" and is built like a thumb.

Marlon Humphrey and Marcus Peters' impression of Tyreek Hill running could not be funnier.

Clearly, considering that Hill is as successful as he is, it works. The 28-year-old claims that he is the fastest player in the league, but he did get beat in a foot race against Micah Parsons.

Perhaps Hill's wild running style is conducive for leaving defensive backs baffled, but not so much for winning in sprints? Either way, there is no reason to change what he is doing.

Hill continues to be dominant and absolutely torched Humphrey, Peters and the Ravens. Defenses are left confused by where Hill is going and how he is going to get there. That leaves them unable to guess where he is going and then leaves them in the dust. For Humphrey to explain it like that is a very unique look at the backend of the sport, if you will.