Matthew Stafford's Wife Apologizes For Throwing Pretzel At Fan During 49ers Game

The Los Angeles Rams meltdown on the field has spilled over to the stands where quarterback Matthew Stafford's wife has issued an apology for a pretzel-throwing incident during Monday's blowout loss to the 49ers at Levi's Stadium.

Calling it a "weak moment," Kelly Stafford, who has a history of airing grievances, admitted to throwing a pretzel over what sounds like 49ers fans ripping on her husband.

"I'm an idiot," Kelly wrote on Instagram when questioned by a Rams fan about the incident. "He was saying a bunch of things that were aggressive towards our crew but zero excuse. I tried to apologize, but in the end knew I was wrong. Will always stand up for my guy and everyone I love, but obviously needed to do it completely different!"

An eyewitness tells TMZ that security got involved in the pretzel-throwing incident and "escorted Kelly and her crew away from the area."

After starting the year as an MVP candidate, Matthew Stafford has struggled in consecutive losses to the Titans and 49ers with QBRs of 71 and 67.4. The pressure is clearly building on the field and off where Kelly Stafford knows this is a clear chance for her husband to make a Super Bowl run.

Keep in mind, Matthew hasn't won more than 9 games in a season since 2017 and hasn't been in the playoffs since 2016.

In other words, keep an eye out for flying pretzels Sunday, November 28 when the Rams visit Green Bay for what becomes one of the most crucial games of the season.

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