Lombardi Trophy Was In No Danger During Tom Brady Toss

Turns out, all the whining about Tom Brady treating the Lombardi Trophy like an extra pool toy was for naught. Brady's former teammate, Randy Moss, dispelled the myth that a careless Brady toss would've sent the famous trophy on a one way trip to shack up with the Titanic.

With an assist from New York's East River, Lombardi floated atop the water like a bullet-filled body yet to be assigned a set of cinder blocks.

Seven months since the Buccaneers' celebratory booze cruise, ESPN NFL personalties Tedy Bruschi and Moss, both of whom were former teammates of Brady, set out to get the facts straight as to whether or not concerns over Tom's tipsy toss were warranted.

Moments before handing the trophy to Moss for the heave-ho, Bruschi told his colleagues, "I've carried a few of these, OK? This is top-heavy. I'm telling you right now - we're gonna throw this...this is gonna sink straight to the bottom...I don't care what they say."

Then it was Moss' turn to introduce Lord Lombardi to the drink. Within seconds of hitting the water, the trophy popped back up, floating in the river like an over-served dad on a weekend away from the wife.

So relax trophy truthers, Lombardi's just as comfortable in the surf as he is the turf.