Le'Veon Bell Reveals Just How Bad A Play-Caller Adam Gase Was

Adam Gase was just an awful NFL head coach, first with the Miami Dolphins and then New York Jets, and he's apparently also the reason Le'Veon Bell's once-promising career flamed out in epic fashion.

At least that's what the former running back surmised in a tweet late Wednesday.

"I was a better player," Bell said in response to one fan's tweet saying he wasn't the same player after his year off in 2018. "It’s just hard to get off when Adam Gase is your coach calling dives on 1st & 10 … he had dives in his first 10 plays."

Le'Veon Bell shows just how bad Adam Gase was at calling plays

As OutKick's resident - and miserable - Dolphins fan, I can say with 1000000% certainty that Adam Gase was truly one of the worst coaches I've ever been forced to watch.

And I had to sit through Cam Cameron AND Joe Philbin!

You know when I really knew he was bad? When he came back to Miami in his first year with the Jets and got embarrassed by an 0-7 Dolphins team. Later that year, his former Dolphins QB - Ryan Tannehill - nearly led the Titans to the Super Bowl.

Anyway, Bell is spot-on with Gase's love stupid running back dives right up the gut that go for no gain. Every Dolphins drive would start with that, followed up by a short pass on second and long and sack on third down.

Rinse, wash and repeat. Never failed.

Bell's response to that tweet, by the way, was part of a larger thread started by Reggie Bush, who tweeted that NFL players deserve guaranteed contracts in the wake of the Damar Hamlin situation.

Bell, if you recall, famously held out the entire 2018 season because he wanted a new contract, which he eventually signed with the Jets in 2019.

Unfortunately for him, the Jets also brought in Adam Gase that same year, and poor Le'Veon spent his golden years in the league running dives right up the damn gut.

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