Larry Csonka Celebrates Steelers Loss, Edge HOF Bust Will Have Dreads & David Njoku Gives Cleats To Kid At Gas Station

Here come the Browns for the AFC North title

What a choke job by the Pittsburgh Steelers against the Washington Football Team on Monday Afternoon Football. By the way, I hope they don't change the name to some actual nickname. WFT is so perfect. If the WFT pulls off the improbable and wins the NFC East as the WFT, you can't go changing the name. Danny is just asking to be cursed if he were to pull something like that.

Back to the Steelers. There is a legitimate chance they could lose the AFC North to the Browns. Look at the schedule. Next up for Big Ben is Buffalo on the road. Then a cupcake against the Bengals, a game against the Colts and then a January 3 road trip to Cleveland. I'm pretty sure Ohio is still allowing people to attend NFL games. That Jan. 3 ticket will be one of the most coveted tickets in Cleveland sports history if the AFC North is on the line. $111 is the get-in price on StubHub. It might be worth picking up four tickets as an investment. The Browns are a Monday night win over the Ravens away from making things very interesting as 2020 comes to a close.

• I'll be sad if the Buffalo Bills play a home playoff game in front of an empty Ralph Wilson Stadium. That would be something I'd never forget from the COVID era. That Erie County health commissioner will never be forgiven.

• A Wayne Gretzky game jersey from his rookie season sold last night for $478,800. I continue to feel safe with my purchase of Cam Newton's BCS game pants that I got him to autograph (on camera, with confirmation that the pants were definitely his) at a Gatorade press event a few years ago. Hit me up, Auburn fans.

• What's up with the prices for rugs at big box furniture stores? Last night, we bought one off an internet retailer site and cut our costs by $550. This rug will have to be a real piece of junk for me not to be satisfied with those savings.

• These apologies as preemptive strikes have to stop. The UNLV quarterback apologizing for eating sushi off a nude model is the biggest apology as a preemptive strike apology in apology history. The previous title holder in that category was Cris Collinsworth. Never apologize, you fools.

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